About the Brand...

Unlocking the Essence of Beauty

Our Journey

In the year 2006, we embarked on a remarkable journey with a singular vision – to craft the finest Argan oil globally and make it accessible to all. For over 9 years, we served as trusted suppliers to renowned brands, delivering this exquisite elixir of nature to the world.

Our love for Argan oil was so profound that in 2015, we took the next step, creating a natural cosmetics brand that revolves around this precious gem.

Inspired by the rich heritage of the historical Medina and the vibrant regions surrounding the mystical city Marrakech, we established our laboratory in the heart of the action, within the industrial zone of Sidi Ghanem.

Our Values

Transparency: We believe in helping you shop consciously, in alignment with your values and ethics. That's why we're committed to providing you with complete product information, empowering you to make informed choices

Generosity: Our formulations are enriched with a generous doses of Argan oil, and botanical extracts, ensuring that you experience the extraordinary benefits of naturals ingredients with every use.

Listening: Your expectations and requirements matter to us. We're here to listen, question, and find innovative solutions to transform your desires into reality.

Innovation: Committed to offering you effective and groundbreaking products, our dedicated teams of scientific researchers and developers craft, formulate, and rigorously test new product concepts and recipes in our R&D laboratory.

Quality: Our quest for excellence leads us to source the finest raw materials from Morocco and beyond. We prioritize natural ingredients without harmful chemicals. Every product undergoes rigorous quality control, overseen by our dedicated quality department.

Respect for Humanity: We stand hand in hand with our valued producers, ensuring they receive fair compensation for their passionate and high-quality work. We favor sustainable and equitable trade practices while supporting traditional local artisans.